I love you, darling

You are star dust,

You are magic

You are, rainbow in the sky

You are phenomenal,

Like a phoenix, you rise, often


You are lit!

Girl, you are. Perfect


You are the story, of a lifetime

You are a story inside a story


You are diamonds

You are pearls

You are lost gold


You are a sweet song

Baby, you are melody


You are fire

You are fiery

You are accepted


You glow, like the moon kissing the sea

You are vast, you are terrific, you are wide, you are beautiful, bountiful



You are calm Thursday, windy,


Blowing over softly

Kissing the cheeks and blowing the hair


You are peace

You are a thousand wells

You are a thousand years,


Darling, you are today. You are every day. (You ‘iss’ a vibe!)


You are Forever. Darling, you are perfect.