Tell me your story,

So I can understand you

I can’t promise you life wishes

The moon and sky are far for me too

Let me understand the depths of your pain

And the stones life threw at you

Tell me about ecstasy,

A time you were truly exhilarated, and you lost sense of the world

Tell me about your aches, and the loves that went away

Tell me about the joy of loving and giving, tell me if you know what that means

Tell me what you think of Abundance

Tell me about the times you won, tell me about the times you failed

Tell about your insecurities. Do you push people away? Do you know why?

Tell me about your misnomalies with the world

Tell me about the things you don’t agree with,

The things that irk you


Tell me if you love Africa, Tell me what you think Being an African should mean

Tell me if you care about politics,

Tell me if you care about songs,

Tell me if you ever listen to Reggae, Roots? What do you think of the Rastafari movement?


Let me know why you are the way you are

Yeah, let’s sit and ponder and on that for a bit

What inspires you?

Books? Your ideals? Mantras? A mission? Political Icons that have walked this Earth?


Do you like busyness?

Why is starting a business important to you?

Do you believe in the straight path or can you play the foul game?

The end justifies the means, No?


Why do you prefer lying  on your back on a weekend and counting stars on the ceiling?

Is there heaven? Is there hell? How does that Make you Feel?


Tell me what matters most to you.

Heavenly kingdoms, vocation, laughter or responsibility to family?

Pleasure? Learning ? Financial safety? A new challenge to conquer?

Do you prefer a walk in the park with a loved one, or, perhaps, running in the park, walking your dog?

Do you like parks at all? What else do you like?

Tell me, darling.

What makes you tick, what makes you sick?

What makes you sing and thank God for life?



By thatkawaidagirl

~~Simple things~~

//Lock it with Love. ~