And the mountains were steep

And our knees broke

And our breaths grew short

And our hearts despaired

And our vision grew short

And we wanted to hit walls

We wanted to go back, run away, start

We stopped, but we never stopped still

Our lungs caught another whim of air

We remembered that our feet could still move

To the sound of laughter and music and rain

Our noses still smelt

The sweetness of nature abounded

We were not saints

And it took us a long time to know

We would probably make more mistakes

And so we hoped

That we would catch the next train

Of grace. Grass. Beauty

Our past love would come back again

We would be warm

Our cups of Hot Chocolate would be refilled

And the movie will play on. Play On

By thatkawaidagirl

~~Simple things~~

//Lock it with Love. ~