I like it now that we’re here

Riding waves

You were once a memory

A story I wanted to put away

Back then, when life was hanging on a thread

And we cried to God our last tears

We watched the sun rise, and set, and our hearts were never still

I like it now,

That we’re here

All these years,

Having seen the best and worst

Of what life had to give


I like it now that we’re here

And you wrote that book, and I taught that class

You never stopped me

Or I, you


I like it that we lived, solitary, but strong

We fought. We battled. We warred.

and even when we go our separate ways, separate times

You lost in your world, and I in mine, forever and always

We were seen. We were touched. We were loved


By thatkawaidagirl

~~Simple things~~

//Lock it with Love. ~