But, Darling can’t you see

Life is not a fairy tale,


Yours can be


It’s not a fairy tale, but we can try


Make heaven on earth


You only need you to,

Create peace and harmony and love


You only need you to,

Step away from your own way


You only need you to,

Give up the chains and the zero-grazed code


You only need you to,

Acknowledge the crown that’s on your head, step up to that ****  like a *****,  shine up your light like you believe it, light up the room like Vegas. Thoughts on the American dream. Thoughts on your ‘American’ dream.


Babe, you are a storm, you are the beginning of rain

You are the smell of soil


Start the talk

Turn up the noise

Switch gears

Are you Frank Ocean?

Live out your passion

Lewis Hamilton

Drive the crowd mad

Michael Jackson

Go gently, like Kobe, Having lived. Having lived


So darling

Life may not be a fairy tale


Pay yourself in royalties(you are gold).

Pay yourself like royalty

Cry when you have to, but otherwise

Laugh. Oh My Goodness, Laugh, and Run, and never stop running.






By thatkawaidagirl

~~Simple things~~

//Lock it with Love. ~