Philosophy Poetry



She always paused and smiled when I asked a difficult question

Not all questions required answers, not immediately,

Or ever.


Everything my mama ever gave me,

Was unconditional love.

A place to call home

A heart that drew me

A hand that fed me

A shelter against life’s travesties


Everything my mama ever gave me,

Was books and a place to read

And her presence on education days


Her laughter on good days

Her listener on bad, horrific days(insert **heartbreak memories sob sob)


Everything my mama ever gave me,

was a chance and no expectations

She gave home, she gave me sweat

She gave me the cold and the warm

She fed me, clothed me; she was the one God sent to remind me

To remind me that love


Could come from unexpected places









By thatkawaidagirl

~~Simple things~~

//Lock it with Love. ~