Philosophy Poetry

The most important things were the simplest:

Because despite all the complications of life, the most important things were the simplest:

Food, Music, Water, Laughter, (A Joke), Good sleep, Shared moments with those we loved,  Cat jokes, senselessness.

A “I haven’t seen you in a long time” hug with a friend sincerely missed. A tear. A victory. A discovery.

Sunshine on a good day, greenery passing by or just, sitting there. All the presentness and positivity it could take.

The ability to walk away without emotion. To speak truth to whichever power maybe, respect and chance to all.

A nod of the head, and that mix that wouldn’t go away.

Peaks. Highs. Epiphanies. 

Pampering, pedicure, hot showers and the smell of oils and fragrances

Sweet, sweet Jasmine. 


Solitude. Silence. Quiet. Peace


A kind attitude and an obstructing hand. (To all that did not count, does not add up or doesn’t build)

The monk who carried the lady over the river. Letting go of thoughts and actions fast

A day done and dusted

Self-Affirmed. Brutally self-affirmed


Praise and Endurance. 

A Confidence coupled with mental restraint: to be humble to be taught


To cry not in self-pity(though we can allow this to happen for a couple of hours), but in acknowledgement of pain, loss or unmet expectations. Aren’t we all disappointed by something?

To laugh but not just in passing, but to accept love and joy, deep well into the well of our hearts, overflowing. 

Sometimes breezing through life like we would a Sunday morning; ‘”Eaazzyyy” like a Sunday morning’

A seizing of strengths. Of Power. Females, males, humanoids.

Not bending to the status quo, but accepting it in knowing, or denying it completely


This was how to be..

Human. Humane. Able. Free

Sometimes tired, sometimes ”weak and defeated”

Sometimes. Sane. Held. Hidden. (In A rock)

Steady and true.

Steady and true…

By thatkawaidagirl

~~Simple things~~

//Lock it with Love. ~