Philosophy Poetry

The most important things were the simplest:

Because despite all the complications of life, the most important things were the simplest:

Food, Music, Water, Laughter, (A Joke), Good sleep, Shared moments with those we loved,  Cat jokes, senselessness.

A “I haven’t seen you in a long time” hug with a friend sincerely missed. A tear. A victory. A discovery.



I look at the sun and wonder

“How are you this, Beautiful?”

I didn’t know that there was life here

In the shadows, where everything moved at its pace

Philosophy Poetry


The sun came out today

O my goodness, It was Glorious

It shone with a new light

As if it had never shone before


It hit the leaves and they glowed

New angles, new perspectives

Their dewy green tinge a wonderful complement

To the sun’s shining today


Ten o’clock,

When the meandering river called me with its voice

I found a prayer there

A remembrance of past days

It was a beautiful sight-trees, birds, barks

Was the Universe perhaps a much smaller place?

A place we chose, embraced, created, conjured, made up


Maybe we were only to travel the world, to see it. But we were to choose a place, to experience it


Philosophy Poetry


Only give me that which I can bear

Do not allow my eyes to be closed;

Make me lie down in green pastures

Make me sip cool waters


Lord if you must bless me



I am hurting
I am bleeding
This is not the way…

It was supposed to end.

All my dreams,
Are ashes
I am sitting

All the mistakes I made.

I am hurting
I am bleeding
Lessons on my hands covered red in crimson
Entered a theatre, to do a surgery…

I wasn’t trained.

I am hurting
I am bleeding
The waves
Of want, of despair, of grasping and letting go…

Silly little heart.

When I go to the shed to pray,
Pray I wake up with a different head
Dust my shoes and get my coat,
Walk away into the sunset,
Do a jiggle while I disappear,
Into the next phase of precious wisdom.


Philosophy Poetry



She always paused and smiled when I asked a difficult question

Not all questions required answers, not immediately,

Or ever.



But, Darling can’t you see

Life is not a fairy tale,


Yours can be


It’s not a fairy tale, but we can try


Make heaven on earth


You only need you to,

Create peace and harmony and love


You only need you to,

Step away from your own way


You only need you to,

Give up the chains and the zero-grazed code


You only need you to,

Acknowledge the crown that’s on your head, step up to that ****  like a *****,  shine up your light like you believe it, light up the room like Vegas. Thoughts on the American dream. Thoughts on your ‘American’ dream.


Babe, you are a storm, you are the beginning of rain

You are the smell of soil


Start the talk

Turn up the noise

Switch gears

Are you Frank Ocean?

Live out your passion

Lewis Hamilton

Drive the crowd mad

Michael Jackson

Go gently, like Kobe, Having lived. Having lived


So darling

Life may not be a fairy tale


Pay yourself in royalties(you are gold).

Pay yourself like royalty

Cry when you have to, but otherwise

Laugh. Oh My Goodness, Laugh, and Run, and never stop running.








I like it now that we’re here

Riding waves

You were once a memory

A story I wanted to put away

Back then, when life was hanging on a thread

And we cried to God our last tears

We watched the sun rise, and set, and our hearts were never still



And the mountains were steep

And our knees broke

And our breaths grew short

And our hearts despaired

And our vision grew short

And we wanted to hit walls

We wanted to go back, run away, start

We stopped, but we never stopped still

Our lungs caught another whim of air



We are not here to fight you, to destroy you, or to steal from you
We need each other to thrive, more than we need the fires you’re lighting to make us fight

We are tired of fighting. Give us hope, or walk away


A Letter to Amerix:

The society is already broken, and your aggressive messages against women are not making it better
Polarizing doesn’t work

Patching up a problem on the surface doesn’t work

Not treating specific situations and painting mass messages “generalization labelling” on women won’t work

Preaching falsified truths based on personal or observed experiences learned from an already broken system doesn’t work

“A problem must be fixed from the root-cause, there and there will we know whether to despair or to hope. ”

But first, an ember


We are a self-sustaining system. Pulling together rather than apart is how the Tower of Babel was built.

Men and women are meant to exist not clash. Both have their separate roles. While men are leaders, women and nurture and hold communities together.

All of us as human beings are inherently evil and inherently good. It is the gift and curse of consciousness. FACT.

We can all have bad intentions. Men have suffered in the hands of women just as women have suffered in the hands of men

Money and Power interactions today? Blame that on the systems and class-isms built in the world. Blame it on lack of equal opportunity for men(for work). Our blindness and the rise of the “evil woman?”. Blame it on mis-education. Our general hopelessness? Blame it on city living, isolation and lack of rightful mentors. Blame it on lack of morals and perversion and the move towards self-gratification, emphasized my media. Blame it on social media and unregulated shared thoughts and “dogma”. No maxims, no principles


Any man that fails to recognize and respect a woman, the holy and pure woman, the sacred woman, the heart and soul of a home, a community, the world, the inherent power of femininity…Any man that does not stop to acknowledge the beauty and the sacredness of the being before them, is essentially foolish and foolish indeed. Any that spites women , labels them weak aka does not recognize their power, pisses on them and trashes them. Uses them, sells them. Objectifies them. Folly and doom are his name. Cursed is his name

Any woman that does not know her power has fallen victim to their ignorance. They will suffer in the hands of ruthless and vicious men, unled, blinded men that have not taken time to define their identity, choices and positions, (swayed men) and ignorant men. Such women will me used, misused and bitter


Any woman that fails to recognize the leadership and place of a man, his muscle, his ability to think and solve problems, his ability to lead when given the right resources/chance/training/authority/space/opportunity, a woman who spites men, insults men, incites others against men, constantly picks fights with men and insults are on her mouth… Any woman who knowingly or unknowingly destroys men and ”weakens’ their egos, using her feminine power, coochie/mind/words, whatever, to swindle men of their lives, love, souls and money is indeed a witch. A destroyer of generations and all good things to come

Any man that does not assert his place and his masculinity, train his mind, take the time to be in the council of the wise(through Holy Books, just books or communities), any man who does not take initiative to rise to the occasion of his masculinity, on their own terms, any man who freely lets their animal instincts roam freely without a leash of consciousness or mindful decisions shall indeed fall victim to toxic women. They will haggle back and forth, they will squander their resources and poverty shall be their name. Especially the poverty of the heart


We all want peace. Don’t you want peace? Yes, then why are you inciting our men, some who are getting a very misconstrued idea of women even before they dip their feet in the water, some of whom have a chance of finding a good woman


We agree. Most of us are “competing against” men, using our heads all the time in absolute abandonment of our hearts-the spring of all femininity.

We now see our folly. We take natural endowments of the womb and the hips to carry a baby as a burden, not a blessing anymore. We see it as an unnecessary detour to our “journey to success”, a distraction to the manly version of success that we’ve been sold by the education system, by mind enslavement policies, by media.  Corporates release statistics on this, and we fight ourselves. We want to crunch as hard as men. Why are we always trailing? Why are we always trailing?

Arrogance, pride and spite have become our portion. We no longer know how to hold back, like the women of old used to. We are shouting, making noise, because that is what we think we should be doing. Wisdom has abandoned us. Worldly ways have overtaken us. Using hard-lined prescribed standards of success, we have failed to defy the system, to create our own path, choose our own success. We have instead created an agenda to go against men and have spread it like religion.  Fight them to the death. They are our enemies. They are stopping us. We can’t forgive the past. We can’t forge a new future. All of them are bad. Look at what they did to us. Look at what they did to us. In the meantime, our talents and our gifts are wasting away

We are drawing lines, some neatly hidden in the worlds of polished labels and schools of thought to topple natural laws, to claim the throne and put our heels on men’s heads, disrespectful and spiting. Wrong! Wrong! We are not here to compete, we are here to support each other.  I mean, human existence is already hard as it is. Aren’t we all healing? Haven’t we all been bruised? Aren’t we all a bit mad, with some flaws and a temper? Don’t I need you to cover my shame? Aren’t we all in a need for love and care and support and encouragement?

We are meant to be using our hearts-the spring of life from whence all life flows-the epitome of feminine energy, to apply ourselves in the home, in the places we work, in churches and mosques and communities.

We are meant to be letting our wisdom, our energy, our light just shine through us. We are freaking goddesses for crying out loud.

A man who has studied history, who knows of the Egyptian goddesses, or even naturally observed the wonders and beauty of a woman, the effect of a good mother on their own life will not make it their weekend agenda to fight women. They will take the one dearest to her, mother, daughter, wife, a random woman in the hospital, a nurse friend, an old mama back at home, dress her in the finest garment. Shower her with spices and ointment.

They will take time to educate younger women, rather than fight them. Tell them what it’s like to be a man, what a man really wants/ needs. And we will all be happy. We will all be happy


Being a woman is your power. Ask your God how and you will find a way.

You are here for a reason.

You are needed. You are essential

Your being does not require participation

You might be broken and with a skewed view of yourself, of your womanhood, because of the treatment, and the teaching you’ve received.

Forget the lies you’ve been fed, darling.  You are not useless, you are not just an additional jewelry piece to a “masculine” world. You have a right to be here, woman.

Turn your ear away from the false indoctrination, from the preaching of shallow men who label women “weak”, shame their fragility, (we’re not) and their need for care, shame their emotions and sensitivity.

Rise into your power, woman. ((Not to “wreck havoc” by fighting men in whichever form, but by living true to your principles, to your ideals, whatever that may be. Own your essence, callings and gifting, energy, heart and use it to feed all those around you, like a well that never lacks. The good will come to you.))

Be merciful on their souls but ruthless on those that try to take your power, to force you to conform to their skewed standards of women, those who soil on you and force you to subjugate. Cut them off completely

Instead, choose joy. Choose to move lightly through the world, shunning away the bitterness of yesterday and tending only to the gardens of promise. Child, you are affirmed. You are affirmed!!


Why do you spite us, why do you fight us, Why won’t you allow us to be? Why do you constantly persecute us and ‘shame’ us, ? Put us in a box and label us? Turn your whole tribe against us? Why don’t you acknowledge us for who we are? Aren’t we all human? Aren’t we all fallen? Aren’t we all just trying to LIVE. Anyway

We are tired. We are frustrated

We are not foolish, puppets, headless.

We are not blind as you deem us to be.

We can see things, we can turn things around.

We turn your beaten,  in corrected mind to it’s rightful place, there in the hidden chambers.

We can make everything alright.

We can make you see your essence again, your power and position and how, when and where you need to go for it.

We encourage you, soothe you, motivate you, sing you to sleep.

We are not some failed gadgets that you are trying to fix. We are not props. We are not SOME CHORUSES, some mimes. Some full stop.

We are women. We generate. We continue. We regenerate

We shall not apologize for our existence.

We shall not apologize for our being

We shall not apologize for your misunderstanding of us. If you do not understand us, then do not spite us. You do not know us

We do not need your presumptions and your assumptions

We shall not sit here and watch as the foul smell of your mouth spreads, telling lies about us. Are we fallen? Yes. Are we working on it? Yes

Teach your teachings but do not speak for us. Do not speak about us. Do not speak against us. We shall speak for ourselves

As you turn our sons who are looking for places of mentor-ship and fatherhood on the media against women, as you turn the men who look up to you against us, remember the consequences of your actions. Don’t let the applause fool you. You are destroying that which is already broken. You are kicking that which is already down–society and men and women, complicating their lives, their mindsets and perhaps, their futures,

Mend. Heal. Restore.

We are human too. Women are human too. They need guidance, teaching, directions too. We are also curious if we should be eating wheat

That being said, for all the negativity you’ve told about us, all the shaming you have done about us, all the lies and the labels against women of pure intentions that you have spread:

We are here to say that we shall not stand for it

We are not for it

We refuse the dogma, we refuse the mass murder of the original,pure belief of the meaning of a woman, the stigmatization and the generalizations

We are women of power. We are women of grace, we are adorned in jewelry and gold. We shall not apologize for our existence

Our children shall call us blessed. Our children’s children shall call us favored. We reclaim all that you’ve taken from us, especially our name.

We shall not be muted by your disregard or disdain. We shall not falter under the look of your gaze. As we walk the earth, and we do the work that we will do, our eyes shall remain firmly fixed on the skies. We shall not be broken. We shall be vindicated. You say it’s not there, but now we know our power. Those sticks and stones? They will never break our bones

We are women!! We are women!!